Astronomers Receive Message From Space

Charlottesville, VA – Astronomer’s at the National Radio Astronomy Observatories have made a big discovery today after receiving multiple radio waves in the early hours of the morning. A team of five astronomer’s worked their hardest to intercept and translate the message. During the time when the group of five astronomer’s worked to translate the message, another two astronomer’s triangulated the origin or the transmission.

Andromeda galaxy

While the astronomer’s are not a hundred percent sure exactly where the transmission came from, they believe they have it pin pointed to a group of star clusters within the Andromeda galaxy, approximately 2.5 million light years away. After hours of strenuous and vigorous calculations the NRAO have translated the message to nothing more then a math calculation; 1630.5 x 2 – 631 + 4621 x 8. The NRAO are not to sure what that means exactly, but the equation came out to 58008 on a calculator.


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