5 Best Ways To Bulk Up

Seattle, WA – Hugh Jassole here with some great tips to bulk up during the winter season.

1. When picking wieghts up from the ground you wanna make sure your legs are shoulder width apart and then jerk your back making sure the weights move upwards as quick as possible.

2. Always and I mean always lock your knees when leg pressing, Its the best way to ensure proper form and increases strength by at least 40%.

3. When using dumbells, the right way to gains is to flail your arms dramatically until you feel the burn. Yea it looks dumb but trust me, you’ll get swole in no time.

4. Before a work out tons of people stretch to “prevent” a torn muscle.. Don’t believe that shit, The best way to get gains is to always go hard and as fast as you can go. Speed is key here, the faster the better.

5. The absolutely best way for muscle growth is… Steroirds. Find and take as many steroids as you possibly can.

Well that’s my 5 ways to bulk up. If you follow my tips you’ll look like Arnold in no time – Hugh Jassole, Health and Fitness Expert.


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