Hundreds Dead, Thousands Injured In Woman March

Las Angeles, CA – From Seattle to New York millions of woman have came out for the Woman’s March. Along with protesting Trump and his administration’s policies on “immigration, healthcare, racial divides” and other issues, new themes gained momentum including “Grab him by the Balls”. Grab him by the Balls carries a new message with a focus on increasing brutality against males encouraging more women, as “strong advocates for women’s rights”, to rain in “The Pain”.


Due to the success of the “Grab him by the Balls” campaign hundreds of men have died and many more injured after thousands of woman trampled them and some even after enduring strenuous beatings and torture to their genitals. In some cities such as Oakland and Nashville; Men were reported taken and had their genitals removed to be used as a sacrifice to the woman god, Aphrodite.