First Tide Pods now Ajax?

Toronto, Ontario – New study released Thursday finds that many teens are now getting “Jaxed” by snorting small amounts of the Ajax powered cleanser with bleach. The study indicates that while snorting Ajax can be harmful; in small amounts it can create a euphoria of emotions, stimulating your nerves and causing your body to feel almost “orgasmic”.


We met with some local teens to find out why exactly this trend has taken off; We spoke to 18 year old Christopher Glade, when asked about why he enjoys getting “Jaxed” so much and this was his response; “Bruh.. It’s like, the greatest, like, feeling ever and it’s like, not illegal bruh.” After talking with Christopher we spoke to another young man who can not be identified due to his age (17 years old). When asked about knowing all the consequences the young man proceeded to say “At least it’s not a Tide Pod.”

As of right now local police have confirmed 14 deaths of teens who have overdosed from snorting Ajax Cleansing Powered so far.